IO1 – Competence Map, which aim is to ensure the professionalism of the last mile deliverers in terms of knowledge, skills and competence needed at work. This is an strategic output of our project.

In the following links you can find:
Last Mile delivery worker profile
Last Mile Mobile Technologies Collection
Last Mile Competency Map
Unified last mile driver competency

IO2-3 Training course and platform  and Methodology and Transferability Guide:

The training consists of a learning outcomes-based approach where the contents are structured in 7 modules presented in two main sections: quizzes and interactive books (ibooks) ( The pedagogical basis behind the approach is a digital adaptation to adult education of the Vigotsky’s scaffolding, where the platform, acting as a tutor, gives an appropriate support to learners. In fact, after assessing through a quiz the learners’ current level of knowledge and skills on a specific learning outcome, it directs the specific support to meet the needs of each learner through the feedback according to the answer, guiding the learner to work inside their proximal development zone. The training course allows  aligning competence standards (vs. classic delivery) and to define (vs. new approach) new ones for the last mile delivery sector, economical and society needs.

More information on the pedagogical approach can be found at

The Training Methodology and Transferability Guide on how to use and take maximum advantage of the developed and proven materials and validation can be found here

IO4 – Recommendation Set,

Directly addressed to public bodies on how to improve regulation on the sector of last mile delivery in terms of recommendations to include last mile delivery training in EC VET. The work has been divided in two:

  1. Qualification Aspects and Annex List of Courses Alaysis (in English only)
  2. Regulatory Recommendations Report